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June 10-July 22, 2017 Tectonic Shifts: A Sense of Place, A Sense of Space

dA Center for the Arts is excited and proud to present Tectonic Shifts: A Sense of Place, A Sense of Space, an exhibition of paintings from Australia by ex-pat and former dA board member, Dovey Dee. Included in the exhibit are guest artists from the North American West Coast, Mary Beierle, Jyoti Duwadi and Rebecca Hamm. The exhibit opening with a reception at the dA, Saturday, June 10th 2017 6-9pm and will continue through Saturday, July 22nd.

Dovey’s paintings are an artist’s chronicling of the arid topography of Australia’s more sparsely populated regions. They are views of overwhelming vastness that hint at her homeland of the North American Southwest but of a greater magnitude. As the artist notes, “ The Australian continent is the oldest habitable land mass on earth providing glimpses of the geological future of our planet.”

Dovey Dee’s work can perhaps be seen as a cautionary note to North America, however her exhibit, first previewed in January 2017 at the Louis Joel Community Center and Gallery in Altona, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne Australia, was presented as a cultural exchange and Dovey’s primary intent was to relay the strikingly intense sense of space that the Australian landscape presents while she was finding her place in a new home.

Tectonic Shifts can also be viewed as the sense of place and space of two geographic locations becoming more similar by the moment.

Guest artists, Mary Beierle; (ceramic sculpture and video), Rebecca Hamm; (paintings and drawings), both are Southern California artists, and Jyoti Duwadi (photos) presently living in Bellingham Washington, originally from Katmandu Nepal, all offer a geo/cultural exchange of artists’ perceptions of the ever evolving terra firma they call home.

                                   Dovey Dee’s Painting List: Dovey Dee’s painting list

Artists’ Statements:

Dovey Dee

Dovey Dee’s Opening Remarks for DA June 2017

Mary Beierle

 Rebecca Hamm

Jyoti Duwadi


For more information on these artists visit their websites:

Dovey Dee: https://www.facebook.com/paintingsbydoveydee/

Mary Beierle :http://www.marybeierle.com

Rebecca Hamm: http://rebeccahamm.org/home.html

Jyoti Duwadi: www.akash-himal.com


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