Drawing Class/Portfolio Prep (Thursday)


Beginning to Intermediate -The instructor guides this classic core studio arts class! This class is designed for anyone who wishes to learn and improve their drawing skills. Topics covered involve technique and method of approach, composition, observation technique, perspective, and visual thinking skills.

The instructor will use the Bargue book Cours De Dessin, plaster cast drawings, plus some actual plaster casts, as well as other sources, to guide this classic core studio arts class. The parameters include how to use the full range of pencils, measuring and sitting the form to accurately establish proportions.

Proportion Systems, Utilization of Basic Shape and Form Concepts, Technical Skill and Approach (Methods and processes), Raising Level of Observation, Gesture, Composition, and more will inspire the lesson plans.Wednesday 3:30 – 5 pm $10 per class 6 classes for $50.

Material: Students must supply a 2H, H, HB and 2B graphite pencils. The paper used has to be white stock like 400 series Strathmore paper.

Students must be 12 years of age and up!

Class Schedule: Thursdays at 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Fee is $10 per session or purchase a block of 6 sessions for $50, and save!

Register and pay online or just come in on the day of the class !

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